The impulse to explore is seemingly universal among the intelligent races of Koth; it is a trait almost bred into the bone. Stories abound in many cultures of finding a Trod in their time of need and traveling to a new land of paradise, and more than one empire has spread itself piecemeal throughout Koth by virtue of dimensional travel. Even with the long history of Koth, there still exist vast stretches of untamed wilderness, either because of their distance to larger civilizations or because of their inhospitable nature, and every day another explorer sets out to conquer them.

Wherever there is travel, there is also the desire for maps, and this is the task to which the Wayfarers’ Guild has applied itself. They seek no less than a perfect understanding of the geography of Koth and that of the planes adjacent to it. The information that they have already acquired on this quest makes Wayfarers in high demand as guides, interpreters, traders, scouts, spies, and of course cartographers. In particular, the Wayfarer’s Guild is considered the most reliable mail service in all of Koth.

Wayfarers occasionally have a bad reputation for being troublemakers, or untrustworthy – some less scrupulous travelers will abuse their talents to cheat or bilk a town that they will never see again, and even the best-intentioned wanderer still poses the threat of change and of the introduction of new ideas to once-peaceful communities. Rarely, however, are Wayfarers actually barred entry to any given town – it is much more likely that instead they will be closely watched for the duration of their stay, an attitude which only enhances their peripatetic proclivities.

The Wayfarers have developed their own trade-tongue which they use to protect the secrets of their maps and to communicate between each other. It is not a difficult tongue to learn, as it is related to a great many other languages, but there are few regions where Sojourn is the dominant mode of speech. Many merchants will speak Sojourn, as will many academics who might study maps. In coastal regions, Salt is more common, and there are various other regions where other organizations dominate.


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