Near Planes


The Bleakshadow is the equivalent of the Shadowdark in other campaign worlds. Rather, however, than “the gods finding some pieces of the world too dark and casting them aside”, the Bleakshadow is a literal shadow world as cast by the light of the bright sun, Suyis. As such, while its topography resembles a twisted version of the real world, there are cities of the dead which no longer have counterparts in real life, shadow bridges where now is only thin air, and other such phenomena. Trods to the Bleakshadow are common, especially in the south. As it is one of the Near Planes, travel through the Bleakshadow is neither as swift nor as dangerous than attempting a journey through the Planetary Realms, but it has dangers all of its own, most pertinently the ever-pressing threat of the undead.


The counterpart to the Bleakshadow, the Feybright represents the antumbra of the world cast by the darkness of Nothis. It is a land of wild jungles, glimmering spires, and savage beasts. The Feybright, like the Bleakshadow, is a twisted mirror of the real world, but in this case rather than showing echoes of the past the Feybright deals with not the future, but rather that which might have been. Hopes and fears in equal measure are reflected on the landscape of the Feybright, which is itself constantly changing. Navigation through the Feybright is complicated, and one is ill-advised to attempt it without securing the assistance of a reliable native guide. Even with that assurance, the Feybright remains a wild and dangerous place.

Planetary Planes
Far Realm


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