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    Twilit Seas is a D&D 4th edition campaign beginning at first level. The setting is partially inspired by Spelljammer, partially by Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Pellucidar":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellucidar , and partially by the scientific mind of " …

  • Geography

    The central concept of [[Koth | Koth]] is that of an enormous sphere surrounding two polar celestial bodies - one light 'sun' and one dark 'sun', with a smaller 'twilight star' between. The actual radius of this sphere is much more than an AU - though the …

  • Golus

    Otherwise known as the Twilight Star, it is in actuality a superjovian mass, more than a gas giant but less than a star, fixed at a static point in the center of Koth. It commonly is regarded with religious significance, but whether its light is boon or …

  • Suyis

    Otherwise known as the White Sun. A huge, brilliant star. It figures in a variety of religions, but is widely regarded as a neutral power.

  • Nothis

    Otherwise known as the Black Sun, it is a star that emits darkness and cold, rather than heat and light. A factor of many religions, but widely regarded as a neutral power.

  • Guevis

    The summer star, orbiting [[Golus|Golus]]. Sister satellite to [[Yeltis | Yeltis]].

  • Yeltis

    The winter star, orbiting [[Golus | Golus]]. Sister satellite to [[Guevis | Guevis]].

  • Planes

    h4. Near Planes h5. Bleakshadow The Bleakshadow is the equivalent of the Shadowdark in other campaign worlds. Rather, however, than "the gods finding some pieces of the world too dark and casting them aside", the Bleakshadow is a literal shadow …

  • Tanar

    A slow-orbiting [[Planets | Planet]] that is home to demons. Various continents upon its surface are ruled by various demon lords. Its arrival in the skies above Koth is almost always cause for grave concern. Some have heard it reported that the demons of …

  • Baatez

    Baatez is sometimes known as the prison [[Planets|planet]]. When the gods first called council among themselves and laid down the laws for pantheon and dominion, the topic of devils was discussed, and the problem of what to do with them. For those former …