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  • Golus

    Otherwise known as the Twilight Star, it is in actuality a superjovian mass, more than a gas giant but less than a star, fixed at a static point in the center of Koth. It commonly is regarded with religious significance, but whether its light is boon or …

  • Guevis

    The summer star, orbiting [[Golus|Golus]]. Sister satellite to [[Yeltis | Yeltis]].

  • Yeltis

    The winter star, orbiting [[Golus | Golus]]. Sister satellite to [[Guevis | Guevis]].

  • Planets

    [[Yeltis | Yeltis]] [[Guevis | Guevis]] [[Azera|Azera]] [[Yankus|Yankus]] [[Derlech|Derlech]] [[Tanar|Tanar]] [[Baatez|Baatez]]

  • Azera

    A [[Planets|Planet]] orbiting the Twilight Star. Home to the Githzerai, a twin planetoid to [[Yankus|Yankus]]. Has a swift orbit, averaging three revolutions for every two that [[Yeltis | Yeltis]] and [[Guevis | Guevis]] make.

  • Yankus

    A [[Planets|Planet]] orbiting the Twilight Star. Home to the Githyanki, and a sister planetoid to [[Azera|Azera]]. A fast-orbiting planetoid, with a ratio of three revolutions every two seasonal cycles.

  • Derlech

    Otherwise known as the "Fallen Star", this [[Planets|planet]] has an irregular orbit that crosses the rest of the planets' orbits at an angle. Once the original home of the Gith, the planet was conquered by Outsiders in millennia past and now serves as a …

  • Tanar

    A slow-orbiting [[Planets | Planet]] that is home to demons. Various continents upon its surface are ruled by various demon lords. Its arrival in the skies above Koth is almost always cause for grave concern. Some have heard it reported that the demons of …

  • Baatez

    Baatez is sometimes known as the prison [[Planets|planet]]. When the gods first called council among themselves and laid down the laws for pantheon and dominion, the topic of devils was discussed, and the problem of what to do with them. For those former …