Tag: NPC


  • Dalk the Red

    A criminal pyromancer who willingly joined Gryfe's crew and was rewarded with a slightly superior Bronze Torc rather than a common Copper Torc. Died in the flight from the Black Bird when a Fell Taint fed on his mind.

  • Kail Hunterkin

    A stern and gruff warrior from the Camposasul region of Lunassa, he is the head of the town militia at Daffyd's Fork. He wears the insignia of Guardian Wolf Gararl and has a reputation for honesty, directness, and a short temper. He bears many scars from …

  • Omar One-Eye

    A sailor on the Twilight Seas for many years, First Mate Omar Quickhands ran afoul of an ancient shark named Black Kalagath by the local sailors. Although managed to escape, he did so with severe scarring. Omar, now called One-Eye, claims that he settled …

  • Tannah Thyrlen

    Quiet-spoken and reserved, Tannah comes from the cold Presverglas region to the north of the Lunassa Taint. She is fond of history and echecs, and rather than paying for room and board exchanges the favor of serving as Daffyd's Fork's town librarian and …

  • Bertram Tanner

    One of the wealthier men in the village of Daffyd's Fork, he is well-known for his business acumen but somewhat resented for his harsh dealings with people. Serves on the village council.