Gryfe the Bonecarver

A walking skeleton leafed in gold, bestrewn with the baubles of a thousand princedoms and the scrimshaw-carved fingerbones of the same.


The former master of the PCs, Gryfe the Bonecarver, known alternately as Bone-beard, Slave-Collar Gryfe, and by many other epithets, is a lich turned pirate, sailing the Twilit Sea and the Aurora above in his flying fortress-ship, the Black Bird. When detailing the origins of Gryfe, it is difficult to sift even the smallest grain of truth from the great dunes of rumors piled about him.

This much is known of Gryfe – that he plunders where he will, often accepting tribute in lieu of a difficult conquest. That in the wake of his conquests, warriors that impress him are forced to join his army by way of a metal and bone slave-torc placed around the neck, which is thereafter considered impossible to remove in life. That warriors that die nobly are instead called upon to serve by means of necromancy.

It is also known that Gryfe will recruit among the criminal, offering lives of leisure and plunder to those who gain enough notoriety, and that there have been some who have deliberately sought Gryfe and the Black Bird out for this very purpose. Gryfe has allies among the Thousand Birds, pirates who fly his black-and-gold flag.

And now, in a rain of fire, the remains of Gryfe are scattered to the four corners of Koth, the Black Bird sunk to the depths of the ocean, and Gryfe’s army of thousands of slaves is free. It is a new era of peace on the Twilit Seas… or it should be.

Gryfe the Bonecarver

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