Twilit Seas

Chapter 1

The Fall of the Black Bird

The session began when the players awoke from the slave-trances enforced by the Copper Torcs bonded to their necks. As they came to, they realized that Gryfe’s ship, the Black Bird, was slowly falling out of the sky, and that Gryfe the Bonecarver, their captor and master, was likely dead.

They made their way to the escape pods only to be accosted by a Bronze Collar named Dalk the Red, a flame wizard of some moderate skill. He attempted to cause the ship to destroy them completely, but had to settle for summoning zombie and skeleton servitors to try and slow the party down while he readied his escape.

After defeating him and his servitors, the party captured him and threw him into the back of the escape pod (which was in reality a combat troop dropship made from the hollowed-out body of a giant beetle.) During their rocky descent to Koth, a matter made lengthy and complex by the distances involved, they were attacked by Fell Taints, which attempted to eat the magic powering the ship. The party was forced to land on a passing asteroid to disembark and fight off the Taints, suffering only one casualty as Dalk’s unconscious form was consumed by an injured Taint.

They then landed the ship, but unfortunately landed in a cursed area with neither shadow nor antumbra, where neither sun was visible. Attracted to the crash, the natives showed up to investigate; creatures called the Skrael, hairless and malformed, attempted to bring the party home for their supper and were rebuffed with some cunning traps and skill at arms.

The fall of the landing craft, however, dragged some of the Aurora in its wake, causing an Aurorastorm to brew above the party. They were forced to sprint away from the crash site with only what they could carry, dodging tornadoes, hail, and meteors while enduring scorching heat waves and freezing cold snaps varying from minute to minute. Finally they took shelter beneath a rocky overhang, building a wall out of their survival supplies to ward off the worst of the wind and other weather effects.



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