Twilit Seas

Chapter 3

A Battle On Shaky Ground

After the council meeting, the survivors of the Black Bird were finally able to catch their breath and feel vaguely more civilized. Slave clothes and insignia were traded in for items more appropriate to their status as free people. In particular, Carambys, hobgoblin paladin, spent a good deal of his share of the group’s meager savings to re-equip himself with cosmetics and a silver war mask, while Vimak, the goliath warden, found time to craft the trophies he had taken into practical gear. While it was Omar and Kail that escorted the group about town, it was the elven ambassador Tannah Thyrlen who spent the most social time with the adventurers, mostly in her secondary capacity of town librarian. After a repast at the Golden Sheaf – the local brewery and bakery cum restaurant – the group settled down to rest in the church basement.

They were awoken from their rest by a loud rumbling, and the ex-slaves raced to don armor and weapons as the wall to their chamber crashed in, revealing a number of Skrael with a vanguard of Kruthik beasts digging the tunnels! After defending themselves from the first assault, the characters set to rescue Tannah from other incursions into the church cellars. They found Tannah in her quarters unhurt and sent her upstairs while they dealt with the Skrael stealing barrels of beer, functionally the town’s drinking water supply. Unfortunately, what would have been an easy fight was compromised when a second fully mature Kruthik burrowed up from underground to flank the group, and a few lucky poisoned quills turned a trivial fight into a matter of life and death. After a few close calls on the parts of Carambys and Empty Mind, however, the foes were vanquished and the survivors of the Black Bird made ready to assay the situation on the surface…



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